An orc raised in the Sacred Guardian Clan. He can't speak Common well, so he shortened his actual name to (Robert Erickson) to Bob.


HP 6/6







Although Bob was raised within the Sacred Guardian Clan, he wasn’t born there – when he was just a few days old he was discovered by a hunting party, crawling through the wastes completely alone. He was taken back to the clan and put up for adoption, however rumours that he was related to a tribe of vicious mountain orcs put many potential foster parents off. Eventually he was adopted and raised by a kindly human couple, scholars of the Clan.
Shunned by the other children as he grew up, he spent most of his time on his own exploring the nearby terrian, from the forests to the mountains. When he came of age, he put his self-taught skills to use as a one-orc hunting party, often bringing back more meat and scavenged plants then even the largest groups did – this success earned him the respect of most other hunters, and eventually recognition as a productive member of the Clan.
It was on one of these hunting trips – which could last for days at a time – that the raiders struck. Upon his return, and discovery of what had happened, he immediately began to search for survivors. He never found his parents bodies, and doubts very much that they survived, since they were old and frail. Though he would like to get revenge on the raiders, he knows that his parents would have preferred it if he helped the other survivors find somewhere to go – because of this, he will do whatever the others wish without complaint.

Due to Bob’s vocal cords having trouble speaking Common, he cannot easily pronounce his full name, usually referring to himself as just ‘Bob’. He dislikes talking, usually using as few syllables as possible and only speaking in short sentences, and tries to avoid being the centre of attention. He is actually quite intelligent for an Orc, being schooled in history, politics, folklore, and geography from a young age – however he never really enjoyed those subjects, and is much more knowledgable in things relating to his passion for the forests and mountains. Although he doesn’t like fighting and avoids it whenever possible, he is skilled in the use of bows and spears, since he often used them while hunting for food.


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