Heath Damton

A human from the Sacred Guardian Clan. One of the few survivors of the raid. His body is covered with burn scars.


HP 5/5







Heath was pretty much your typical member of the Sacred Guardian Clan. He was apprenticed to the blacksmith who lived there, fixing the various odds and ends of metal that needed fixing. He was approaching his journeyman status when the rebels attacked. He was one of the few able to attempt to defend the village, using his blacksmiths hammer and a white hot frying pan he had been repairing. Both of these he lost in the fight, his hammer knocked from his hand by a raider and the pan shattered by a sword. He only survived because he backed into a burning house which partially collapsed on him, pinning him and hiding him from view. Luckily, he was rescued before he burned to death, although he remains heavily scarred. He is one of the ones who wishes to track the rebels down and slaughter them like they slaughtered his people.

Heath Damton

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