Kudort Metalstomach

A goblin. One of the few surviving Metalstomachs. He's a big eater.









Kudort is a member of the Metalstomach clan. At the moment, one of the few surviving ones. Even though the Sacred Guardian Clan embraces multiple races to a degree, the Metalstomach family has practically made an effort to be an distrusted group. Their name comes from a long standing tradition of attempting to eat everything, whether it be for perceived nutritional value, hunger, a bet or even pride. As they have historically chosen to hunt, they’re meant to provide some food for the village… not that any one really wishes to eat what they bring, afraid that it would be stuffed with “supplements.”

The attack happened while Kudort was resting, though it gave him a rude awakening. While he did what he could to plink away at raiders with his short bow, he was not used to being on the offense. All the goblin could do to avoid death was remember how intelligent animals hide rather than fight- and hide he did. When the attack subsided, he went to mourn… but was cheered up upon finding his old neighbor upon the floor.

He was delicious.

Kudort Metalstomach

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