Tari Elensar

An elf who recently migrated into the Sacred Guardian Clan. She's a scholar by nature.


HP 5/5







Tari was a relative newcomer to the clan. Scholarly by nature, she has always been somewhat restless and left her own people at a (relatively) early age to travel the world and learn what she could about its nations and peoples. Eventually after many years wandering the cities of the world, she came to Phavaisaiel where she learned of the Sacred Guardian Clan and its scholars. Although she never intended to stay long, the work of the scholars in the clan and the wealth of knowledge they had accumulated appealed to Tari and she found herself becoming more and more reluctant to leave, until one day she realised that she had stayed with the clan almost a full year and had no desire to move on.

With most of the tribe killed in the attack last night, Tari lost the only place she had considered home for many years. Although she believes that revenge is best left for others, she is determined to ensure that the true story of what happened to the clan and why is discovered and remembered, and so she will assist anyone with similar aims.

Tari Elensar

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