Gods' Caldera

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The remains of an old volcano. The mixed-race nation of Phavaisaiel resides atop it, using heat from magma deep within to power its capital, The Stronghold.

Most of the caldera is rocky and infertile. The only arable lands within it is the Berry Forest, which produces most of the food for the Stronghold and all the alchemical ingredients for Phavaisaiel.

There are two official recommended routes into the Gods’ Caldera. To the south there is the Dirt Road, which leads to the human city of New Dawn. It is guarded by the StoneHeart Clan. To the east is the Dead Path, a tunnel which goes directly under and through the caldera and opens up into the Saltas Forest. One could also technically through the northern Jagged Spine Mountains to enter the caldera, but it’s not recommended.

All other ways into the caldera don’t get much traffic, and thus are prone to attacks by wild animals, bandits and other sorts of things.

The caldera’s temperature and weather can swing wildly depended on where you are in it. Check with specific locations to find out their usual atmosphere.

Gods' Caldera

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