The Stronghold

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The Stronghold, located in the center of the Gods’ Caldera, is in the heart of Phavaisaiel and its capital. It uses heat from lave deep within the caldera to heat homes and stores, along with powering simple machines and mechanisms.

The Stronghold is divided into six districts, with the Sphere in the center. The districts are the market district, there’s now two citizen housing districts, the education district, the crafting district, and the one immigrant dwelling district.

The Stronghold’s center column contains the dead men’s barracks, the machinery needed to divert the lava’s noxious fumes, vents and air ducts that bring heat to the districts, Sphere, and Berry Forest as needed, prison, the Lord’s dwellings and the drawbridge’s operating area.

An almost boiling hot moat surrounds the Stronghold. It’s called the Moat. Its waters, when cooled, are nutrient-rich and used to help keep the Berry Forest’s soil as fertile as they are.

The Stronghold

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